A STITCH in everything we do!

S – Superior Quality

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To be honest, we have the same options available to us that every other provider of embroidered or screen printed goods has. The Say It With Stitches difference is, we believe in Quality over quantity.  We have tried out and sorted through the options and will only recommend the brands and options that we believe in.  You may find some of those options here.

We believe the greatest difference is our service and dedication to our craft.

With roots in hospitality, we understand the importance of the customer experience.  We work with our clients to provide the products they want and expect to be proud of whether the need is for business, leisure, or a gift.

Our desire to provide the best results keeps us close to the latest apparel decorating and marketing trends, processes, and education. We pick and work with the vendors that have proven to be the best in the industry and will never sacrifice quality for a cheaper product.

If it doesn’t meet our standards, we don’t expect it to meet yours.

I – Integrity

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If we say we are going to do it, we do it!  All to often we shake our heads at promises left unfulfilled.  If we can’t do it, or if we think someone else can better fulfill your needs, we will recommend them.

When it comes to artwork and embroidery files, we believe that if you paid for it you own it. Any of the art and embroidery files that we create for you are yours, if you need the files for any reason they are available to you.  Likewise, if you already have the necessary files, we will review them for quality and use them for your needs.

T – Teamwork

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At Say It With Stitches, we are always looking to collaborate with each other and with you! We all have different skills. When each person brings theirs to the project at hand, the end product is better. When working on your project, Say It With Stitches practices teamwork by being collaborative, having good communication, and using professional tools so that each team member can bring their part to your project. We are excited to learn about what you’re working on and to help bring your vision to fruition. We depend on our team and you we know that you’ll be able to too!

C – Continuing Education

continuing education say it with stitches fl

We strive to be our best. This enables us to bring you the highest quality and most well designed products possible. Although it requires constant attention, Say It With Stitches looks forward to finding out how we to improve and advance from what most embroidery shops are doing to the newest technologies that can help set us apart. Therefore, our team participates in regular continuing education. Learning keeps us on using the most advanced technology, new techniques, and creative ways to bring you great products. Our continuing education helps our customers know that they’re getting the best!

H – Hospitality

hospitality say it with stitches fl

Who doesn’t love a little hospitality? From the time you first call, you’ll encounter polite staff that will make you know you’re considered family here. We’re excited to hear from you and get your project started today.


Suncoast FYI: Say It With Stitches 5 – 26 – 16


Say it With Stitches’ , Zachary Davy, went above and beyond to serve with a smile…

After creating my new Logo and sharing my story with Zach, he stitched his way literally weaving into being part of our story! I’m so grateful, It has 55
color changes. About 45 colors altogether. Changed out the machine 3 times. About 80,000 stitches later! It ‘s a masterpiece for sure! I’m hoping he’ll make one and frame it in his shop as it truly is ART as is all his other works!

I can’t say enough about Zach’s belief in spreading our precious messages which are such a representation of whom we choose to be out there in the world! Can’t say enough about his workmanship! Must Check out Say it With Stitches! Must look at his FB page to see the Horse head I refer too… Do yourself a favor, ‘Like’ the page! Worth following! Much Gratitude, always part of the story for sure!

Joyfully, Karen Rudolf, TranquilSOULutions


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