Artesprix: Permanent Thermal Transfer Markers


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Transfer Drawings from Paper to White or Light-Colored Polyester Fabric or Polyester Coated Materials

Artesprix Permanent Thermal Transfer Markers allow you to add your personal touch to everyday items such as apparel and decor using the sublimation heat transfer process (not recommended for cotton fabrics).


What is the Sublimation Heat Transfer Process?

By adding heat and pressure to your drawing, you can permanently transfer the image from plain paper to polyester products such as t-shirts, mugs, totes, socks, phone cases…the list goes on an on!


Instructions for use:

  1. Create your artwork on plain copy paper using Artesprix markers. Keep in mind the final product may be a mirror image (depending on substrate application), so any written text must be reversed (a stencil may help). The colors of the final transferred image will appear brighter than they do on paper.
  2. When drawing your image on the copy paper, be sure to protect your drawing surfaces from potential marker ink bleed by placing additional paper underneath the original.
  3. Once your drawing is complete, secure your design face down to the item you are transferring to using thermal tape. Be sure to remove any protective film from the item prior to pressing.
  4. Place the secured item under your heating element before adding firm pressure. For best results use a heat press or easy press. A household iron will also work. Consult the recommendedt time/temperature/pressure setting instructions provided with the item for optimal results.
  5. After pressing, allow the item to cool before handling.
  6. Gently remove the transfer tape and paper from the item to reveal your unique vivid design!

Recommended Settings*:

Easy Press: 360 degrees F, 90-180 seconds

Heat Press: 20 PSI, 350-400 degrees F, 45-300 seconds

Iron: Use high setting, NO STEAM, firm pressure, keep moving over the entire image area for 1-5 minutes

Oven: (for ceramics only) use mug wrap to secure image, 350 degrees F for 5-7 minutes

*Heat times vary according to material. Do not leave heating elements unattended.